Do you want a strong, vibrant and expressive voice?

Take voice lessons! Sonja Korkman teaches singing on Mondays and Thursdays at Vattuniemenkatu 9 in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. It is also possible to attend lessons online.

”So far, Sonja has changed me from a person who is asked to be silent into a person who is asked to sing.”    – Arttu Peltoniemi, 29 y/o.

p1050053_ed1Sonja Korkman is a Master in Music from the folk music department at the Sibelius-Academy and a Certified Master Teacher in Balance in Phonation™ Voice Training within folk music and CCM.

A newborn baby produces sound with it’s whole body, but when we grow up, we often become more passive and learn malfunctions from our surroundings. Balance in Phonation™ Voice Training is based on scientific research and developed by voice therapist and singing teacher Ritva Eerola. The method re-awakens the body’s natural voice production reflexes and gives you a durable, flexible and expressive voice and brings out your unique timbre.

During the lessons you can learn more both about technique, interpretation and your favorite music style. Everybody can develop their skills!

Available courses

The majority of Sonjas lessons are in the form of courses at Kalliolan kansalaisopisto. The courses will start on the 12th and 20th of September. The times and names of the available courses:

Tuesdays in Lauttasaari between 12:15 and 17:45:

Yksinlaulu, rytmi- ja kansanmusiikki

5 x 45 min tailored private lessons in singing. The first course starts on the 20th of September and the second one on the 1st of November.

More info and enrollment for course 1:
More info and enrollment for course 2:

It is also possible to get info and enroll by calling the Kalliola kansalaisopisto office: Tfn 010 279 5080.

At the Olaus Petri church in Töölö on Mondays:

Yksinlaulu, rytmi- ja kansanmusiikki maanantaina 17.00-17.30
More info and enrollment:

Yksinlaulu, rytmi- ja kansanmusiikki maanantaina 20.00-20.30

More info and enrollment:

If you don’t want to attend a whole course, only single lessons:
Private lessons 52,50 €/45min (incl. VAT).
Contact Sonja regarding available times.

Rules regarding cancellations

Kalliolan kansalaisopisto:
The web page of Kalliolan kansalaisopisto is in Finnish. If necessary, call their office for more information.

Private lessons: If a student cancels a lesson within 48h of a scheduled lesson, 100% of the price of the cancelled lesson will be charged.


For more info contact Sonja Korkman by phone 050 34 11 289 or by email sonja.korkman (at)